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14'' Madame Alexander Scarlett O'Hara Doll, Jubilee II

21 november 2020, 4:34

Georgia, Vel Manor

Price 45 USD

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ad 14 madame alexander scarlett ohara doll, jubilee ii



Privat person / Business

Privat person

14'' Madame Alexander Scarlett O'Hara Doll.

Jubilee II Collection to commemorate one of the most beloved film sagas, Gone With The Wind. Dark brown hair & piercing green eyes

Never used or played with and appears never removed from the box.. Hand Tag attached.

Original Box included.

CROSS POSTED and could sell at any time. Thanks for looking! Please post "SOLD" in the comment section below if interested in purchasing this rather than pm'ing me for first dibs. Also, please pm me you PP address so I can send an invoice. International shipping avail. Cross posted and could sell at any point. ITEM NOT MARKED SOLD UNTIL PAID FOR. NO HOLDS....MY PRICES ARE VERY, VERY FAIR AND SOMETIMES EVEN CRAZY, CRAZY LOW., THEREFOR, FIRM. IF YOU BUY MORE THAN ONE ITEM FROM ME AT ONE TIME, I CAN OFFER A DISCOUNT, BUT OTHERWISE, THE PRICE YOU SEE IS WHAT IT IS.

All of my items are listed here first and then elsewhere, but YOU get the first chance to grab them before anyone else can.JOIN MY GROUP FOR FIRST DIBS!



Willows Tale
Willows Tale
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30 november 2018




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