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Barbie Vintage Stitch N Style 1970 Mod Sewing Notions Stacey PJ Christie

2 april 2021, 13:26

Iowa, Township of Iowa Lake

Price 29 USD

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ad barbie vintage stitch n style 1970 mod sewing notions stacey pj christie



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Barbie Vintage Stitch N Style 1970 Mod Sewing Notions Stacey PJ Christie Lot 2

"Stitch N Style" #0010 (1970)


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Presenting a vintage 1970 Barbie Sewing Notions Kit: "Stitch N Style" #0010. Photo's are part of this listings offer please view.

Stitch N Style was produced much to the delight of Mod collectors, dressmakers and Mom's everywhere! Using the actual sewing notions that Mattel utilized in the production of Barbie and Friends clothing lines allowed mending, designing and making fashions at home fun and easy. New old stock of buttons in 10 different colors (4mm) (12 buttons per pak) in several styles, 4 belt buckles and 2 zippers.

These original Barbie buttons and zippers were small enough to look in scale, but large enough for little hands to use them. Therefore, while these buttons are ideal for 12” dolls, they are also perfect for larger dolls such as the 16” Gene, Tyler and BJD’s dolls. But Alas, while it is a great "Notion" to mend, design and make fashions using these almost 60 year old paks that means opening them! :0(

We have included a picture above for reference only.

Special Notes:

1) The notions in this item have never been used or open.

2) The booklet on the back is missing.

3) This item is 55 years old and still in very good condition.

4) The outfit comes tagged in an acid free Archival Bag.



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Jo Daley
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