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Hallmark 1997, 1998 & 1999 International Barbie Keepsake ornaments

6 april 2021, 18:06

Hawaii, Honolulu County

Price 15 USD

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ad hallmark 1997, 1998 & 1999 international barbie keepsake ornaments



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Privat person

I have to admit that the little girl in me still adores Barbie! She was my favorite toy growing up and I spent many hours playing with her. My mom made clothes for me and a shoebox was her way-cool convertible.

This is a wonderful collection of Barbie ornaments offered by Hallmark. The collection was inspired by the 'Dolls of the World Collection', these are still in the original box with the original price tags attached.

This handcrafted group includes:

• 1997 Chinese Barbie ornament - celebrates the heritage of beautiful prints and rich textures found in the fashions of the Orient.

• 1998 Mexican Barbie - celebrating the colors of the national flag - green, white and red - Barbie wears an authentically styled fiesta dress.

• 1999 Russian Barbie - dressed in a traditional tunic and white blouse, she wears an elaborate headpiece and her lovely long hair has been fashioned into a long, thick braid

Pickup choices:

• Varner's in Bristow

• QT at 81st & Garnett

• QT at 47th & Harvard

• Reasor's in Jenks at Creek turnpike

• QT at west turnpike gate

• QT at the Sapulpa turnpike gate



Debra Sasser-Clem Hobson
Debra Sasser-Clem Hobson
online 2 year ago


13 february 2019




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